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UPVC Locksmiths Emsworth

Welcome to UPVC Locksmiths Emsworth, your local locksmiths dedicated to UPVC door/window locks and mechanisms.

We can source any multi-point systems that are on the market, even if dis-continued we can find an alternative so you will never need a new door. Please be aware that there are over 80 different gearboxes and over 650 different UPVC multi-points currently on the market so prices do vary.

Established since 2006 we have lots of knowledge dealing in doors/windows that are jammed shut due to mechanism failure we will open non-destructively and diagnose the issue for you as this can be a number of reasons why some parts have failed? i.e the door has dropped this means:

(1) the hinges have moved and the locking points no longer match up with the door frame this can happen when the door is locked or when the door is open as these doors are quite heavy and sometimes tend to slam.

(2) The Lock cylinder is faulty this normally is just wear and tear sometimes it will work from outside but not inside or vice versa? it can also have a jam on the cam which can make locking difficult or for the key to snap.

(3) faulty handles some doors are split spindle i.e door opens with handle on inside but key opens on outside sometimes the split spindle disengages.

(4) multi-point gearbox failure again most times its just wear and tear this can sometimes be prevented by oiling every month with WD40 but sometimes it fails as the insides of gearbox get worn, if its designed to be removed and in most cases they are this is quite an easy fix.

(5) If you have been unfortunate sometimes the whole multi-point has failed. ( Whole) means that its not designed for the gearbox to be removed normally the older versions in this case it sometimes requires a measure up and revisit as parts will need to be ordered because as mentioned there are over 650 different types of UPVC multi-point systems on the market but please be assured in these cases we will secure your door in the meantime.

Being locksmiths we do also offer a full locksmith service from lockout lock replacements and lock upgrades, we are open 7 days a week all year round and we never put prices up at weekends or bank holidays.

Many discounts are also available from OAPs, NHS staff and to all charities please just ask when calling.

Being local means we can keep our prices to a minimum unlike National companies who will charge you 50% more then your local tradesman, also being local means we will get to you in quick time within 30 minutes of an emergency and within 1 hour of non-emergency.

Local UPVC Locksmith

Local UPVC Locksmith

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West Sussex UPVC Locksmith

West Sussex UPVC Locksmith

West Sussex UPVC Locksmith